8. Transmission

Most of the T5s I have encountered have stripped, or nearly stripped, threads in the shifter mounting bolt holes. I recommend using HeliCoil® Thread Repair Kit PN 55468 (8 × 1.25 mm; requires a 21/64-inch drill bit not included) to repair each shifter mounting bolt hole while the transmission is out of the car. Do not wait until the transmission is installed to discover that the shifter mounting bolts do not get tight. The holes can still be repaired while the transmission is installed, but it is much easier to repair the holes with the transmission on a bench. If the holes are to be repaired while the transmission is installed, cover the shifter hole to prevent chips from dropping inside the transmission.

If a 1983-1992 F body bellhousing is not being used, the bellhousing mounting holes on the front of the transmission need to be reamed slightly to accommodate a ½-inch bolt (the F body application uses 12-mm bellhousing mounting bolts). If an F body bellhousing is being used, no modifications to the transmission should be necessary.


Originally Released 11 February 2002

updated 17 March 2010