26. Further Reading

  1. Get on the Stick. Car Craft. Vol 38; No. 7. July 1990. Pages 86-95.
    Gary Nelson of Guildstrand Engineering installs a Richmond 5 speed into his 1978 GMC Caballero.

  2. 5 on the Floor. Popular Hot Rodding. Vol xx, No. xx. August 1985. Pages 40-43, 86, 88.
    A T5 is installed into a 1984 Buick Regal T-Type.

  3. 5 on the Floor Update. Popular Hot Rodding. Vol xx, No. xx. November 1985. Pages 38-40, 78.
    Elaboration on the fabricated transmission mount and frame extension used on 1984-1988 GM G body cars.

  4. Five-Speed Monte Carlo SS. Super Chevy. Vol 15, No. 4. April 1986. Pages 44-45.
    Ed Quay Race Cars (Pottstown, PA) installed the T5 and the converted 1985 Monte Carlo SS were were sold through Schenk Chevrolet (Hasbrouck Heights, NJ).

  5. http://www.monte-list.nu/tech/fivespeed.shtml/.
    J. Matthew Daugherty explains how to install a T5 and 1984-1992 F body pedals/hydraulic linkage into a 1978-1988 GM A/G body.

  6. http://members.tripod.com/motohead10/index.htm.
    Jay Orbison's slide show depicting how he installed a Richmond 6-speed into his 1987 Monte Carlo SS.

  7. http://www.spnkzss.com.
    Rob Luke describes how he installed a Tremec TKO into his 1985 Monte Carlo SS.

  8. http://home.earthlink.net/~bzdel/.
    John Bzdel's highly detailed documentary of how he installed a 1999 LS1 and T56 into his 1988 Monte Carlo SS.

  9. http://www.darklair.com/manual_monte.html.
    Mike Donovan's extensive research which lead to a T56 swap into his 1988 Monte Carlo SS.

  10. http://www.bowtiepower.com/T5conversion.html.
    Steve Ragusa documented how he installed a World Class T5 into his 305 TPI Pro Touring 1985 Monte Carlo SS.


Originally Released 11 February 2002

updated 14 April 2011