14. Floor Brace

The floor brace cannot simply be bolted back into place. The T5 is longer than the TH200-4R and consequently places the front universal joint coincident with the floor brace. The floor brace must be set back 3 inches and shimmed away from the floor by fabricating a spacer for each side of the brace. Alternatively, an NHRA accepted driveshaft loop, fabricated specifically for use in a 1978-1988 GM A/G body with a T5, can be purchased from James Happe (Figure 14-1).

Figure 14-1: NHRA Accepted Driveshaft Loop For Use in a 1978-1988 GM A/G Body with a T5

Photograph courtesy of James Happe


Originally Released 11 February 2002

updated 27 August 2007