13. Drive Shaft

I had the original driveshaft shortened exactly 3 inches. I have since discovered that 1981 F body cars equipped with a Buick V6 have the correct length driveshaft. The F body driveshaft has a larger diameter than the A/G body driveshaft. J. Matthew Daugherty discovered that a driveshaft from a 1967-1969 Camaro/Firebird is also the correct length. Driveshafts found in 1970-1981 F body cars with the Chevrolet V6 and V8 are 1 inch too short, but are perfect for use with a T5 and an 8.5-inch differential.

Model-specific driveshaft lengths can be found in shop manuals, but I am not familiar with any publication containing a collection of stock driveshaft lengths. If such a publication exists, please drop me a note.


Originally Released 11 February 2002

updated 02 April 2010