18. Dashboard

18.1. Shift Indicator Dial

All dashboards have a 3-speed automatic shift indicator dial printed on them. On manual transmission cars, a cover is installed over the shift indicator dial, and the shift indicator assembly is eliminated. The design of the cover depends on whether the speedometer is of the sweep type or the round face type.

The covers in Figure 18-1 are for Chevrolet. From the left, the first two covers (metal) are for the sweep style speedometer and are interchangeable. The third cover (plastic) is for a round style speedometer.

Figure 18-1: Automatic Transmission Shift Indicator Dial Covers

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The 4-speed shift indicator dial in cars equipped with the TH200-4R transmission is printed on a removable metal plate that covers the 3-speed shift indicator dial. Since my 1986 Monte Carlo SS was equipped with the TH200-4R, I removed the 4-speed shift indicator dial, sanded it, and painted it Krylon semi-flat black (Figure 18-2). The reinstalled shift indicator dial, now a shift indicator dial cover, blends in with the black speedometer face just like a factory piece.

Figure 18-2: TH200-4R Shift Indicator Dial, for the Round Style Speedometer, Painted Black

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Originally Released 11 February 2002

updated 27 August 2007