1986 Monte Carlo SS

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A timeline of the modifications made to the car

The Details

A detailed list of the car's specifications

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May 1989:

    • I bought my 1986 Monte Carlo SS when it had 24,000 miles on it. It was built with most options except for T-tops, remote trunk release, and radio with equalizer.

October 1992:

February 1995:

    • I installed dual Walker Dynomax California Boss Turbo 17705 mufflers and replacement tailpipes.

August 1995:

    • I installed a Value Line 562 3-row radiator.

June 1996:

    • I replaced my 1983 non-World Class T5 with a 1989 World Class T5. I acquired the World Class T5 in a blown-up state and rebuilt it with a SuperDuty gearset from Hanlon Motorsports.

July 1996:

June 1997:

July 1997:

    • I installed a Biondo line lock solenoid. The directions call for the momentary switch to be powered at all times, but I added an additional switch to manually allow power to the momentary switch and an additional LED to indicate the circuit is live.

May 2000:

    • I recovered the headliner.

June 2000:

    • I took the car for its first New Jersey ASM 5015 inspection, and it passed [phew!].

June 2002:

    • I took the car for its second New Jersey ASM 5015 inspection, and it passed [phew!].

May 2003:

    • I changed the radiator hoses, heater hoses, and heater control valve.

June 2004:

    • I registered the car as a collector vehicle in New Jersey. This classification is exempt from the safety and emissions inspection, but a sticker still must be obtained from an inspection station.

August 2004:

    • I failed the PA emissions test [40CFR177.201(1)]. All emissions were too high. I installed a Random Technologies catalytic converter and passed.

June 2005:

    • I relocated the return spring holes in the clutch release fork to prevent the spring from twisting the fork, which causes the release bearing to rub excessively on the front bearing retainer.

July 2005:

    • I took the car for its Pennsylvania safety and emissions inspection [40CFR177.201(1)].  Because I drove the car less than 5000 miles during the last year, it is exempt from the emissions test.


The Details    Back


1986 L69 305 cubic inch Chevrolet V8 (standard bore)
stock pistons; 9.5:1 compression
all emissions controls intact


stock cast iron


stock aluminum intake; TD Performance 1-inch aluminum carburetor spacer; stock L69 Quadrajet (17086003) [stock primary metering; "CE" secondary metering rods]


stock distributor; ACCEL® HEI Super Coil; stock sparkplug wires; ADS® Super Chip® (8605-A) for F body with manual transmission


Edelbrock T.E.S.® 6879 (uncoated); Random Technologies catalytic converter (903006); stock after-cat y-pipe; dual Flowmaster® 42043 2-inch 2-chamber mufflers; stock tail pipes


stock L69


1989 V8 F body Borg-Warner World Class T5 upgraded with SuperDuty gearset (Hanlon Motorsports HMS410004); Hurst Competition Plus shifter (391-0032);
ratios: 2.95, 1.94, 1.34, 1.00, 0.63

Rear Axle:

stock 7.625-inch ring gear; limited slip; 3.73:1

Front Suspension:

stock; 32-mm sway bar

Rear Suspension:

stock; 22-mm sway bar



Wheels and Tires:

stock 1986 MCSS; BFGoodrich Radial TA 235/60/15 tires

Best e.t.:

14.610 @ 93.5 mph (using Hoosier QuickTime DOT 245/60/15 tires inflated to 15 psi)


3558 lbs with driver (~1/4 tank of fuel)


Other Parts    Back


Value Line 562; 3 row

Heater Valve:

Four Seasons® 74612

Upper Radiator Hose:

Gates 21324

Lower Radiator Hose:

Gates 21204

Carburetor Rebuild Kit:

Tomco 5493B

Carburetor Well Plug Epoxy:

Loctite® 21425 (recommended by Carburetor Shop, Inc.)

Carburetor Float:

Hygrade FL47

Spark Plugs:

Bosch Platinum 4207

Throttle Position Sensor:

Standard® TH1

AIR Pump Check Valve:

Standard® AV7

Fan Clutch:

Flex-a-lite® 5557B; thermostatic

Transmission Mount:

TRW 83119; solid block of rubber with single stud


Hayes 55121 Street disc; Borg-Warner 351897 pressure plate

Release Bearing:

Hayes 70-101

Pilot Bearing:

Moroso 41100

Line Lock:

Biondo solenoid



Originally Released 11 February 2002

updated 17 March 2010