1987 Monte Carlo SS - 383/T56


The Details


Jim Brady



Literature Citations:

Readers Rides: Hot Rod. Vol 56; No. 10. October 2003. Page 91.
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1990 350 cubic inch Chevrolet V8 (0.030 over bore);
4-bolt main caps; Scat 3.75-inch stroke cast crankshaft (9-350-3750-6000-L);
Wiseco forged pistons (K206A3); 9.3:1 compression;
functional EGR

Cylinder Heads:

Edelbrock Performer (60859), 2.02-inch intake/1.60-inch exhaust valves, 60-cc combustion chambers, 165-cfm intake runners


1987 GM F body Tuned Port Injection; K&N filter (RC-5000)




1987 L69 distributor (GM 1103698); ACCEL® black Super Stock Spiral Core sparkplug wires (5143K); 1992 F body TPI ECM (GM 1227730); owner-programmed Atmel 27C256 EPROM; 1992 F body TPI wiring harness


Edelbrock T.E.S.® (6879), uncoated; stock L69 catalytic converter; stock after-cat y-pipe; replacement turbo-style mufflers; stock tail pipes


SLP hydraulic roller tappet (51006, renumbered as 51004), 0.495-/0.502-inch lift , 270º/276º advertised duration, 218º/224º duration @ 0.050-inch lift, 114º LSA; Proform 1.5:1 aluminum roller rocker arms (66914); Proform hardened stock replacement pushrods (66890)


1987 F body aluminum radiator; stock fan clutch; stock fan


Borg-Warner after-market T56 (1386-000-011); adapter plate drilled for 1983-1992 F body bellhousing
ratios: 2.97, 2.07, 1.43, 1.00, 0.80, 0.62


153-tooth Chevrolet, lightweight (GM 14088646)

Clutch/Pressure Plate:

RAM 10.5-inch clutch disc, pressure plate, and release bearing set (88730); Bearings Company of America roller pilot bearing (57080)


Stock Borg-Warner after-market T56 shifter; B&M short leather knob (130-80744); owner-fabricated lower boot using cut-to-fit foam padding and rubber; American Products Company upper shifter boot (105812BKRD)

Clutch/Brake Pedals:

1982-1983 F body pedals, clutch portion of 1982-1983 F body pedal bracket was welded to the 1987 G body pedal bracket.

Clutch Linkage:

1984-1992 F body hydraulic with McLeod steel master cylinder (37-139001); custom length master cylinder pushrod; reamed hydraulic tube


1984-1992 F body bellhousing (casting 14075723) and fork (GM 14075725); fork boot (GM 14075724); dust shield (GM 14073767)


1987 200-4R Monte Carlo (GM 14063883), no modifications; stock transmission mount (GM 25504736); catalytic converter support bracket eliminated


1987 Monte Carlo SS, shortened approximately 2.25 inches

Rear Axle:

1986 Oldsmobile 8.5-inch ring gear; truck limited slip differential; 3.73:1; Summit Racing Equipment differential cover and main cap support (8510300)

Front Suspension:

stock; F41 springs [1.5 coils cut]; stock F41 32-mm sway bar

Rear Suspension:

stock; F41 springs [top pigtail cut]; stock F41 22-mm sway bar

Front Brakes:

stock 10.5-inch disc

Rear Brakes:

1995 F body 12-inch disc

Master Cylinder:

stock 1516-inch bore

Brake Booster:

stock 1987 Monte Carlo SS (dual diaphragm)


1987 16- × 8-inch front IROC Camaro w/inserts painted black


front: Kumho ESCTA 712 245/50WR16
rear:  Kumho ESCTA 712 255/50WR16

Best e.t.:

14.07 @ 109 mph (calculated with a G-Tech/Pro Performance Meter)




Originally Released 15 December 2002

updated 26 August 2007