1988 Monte Carlo SS - 305/Richmond 6


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Jay Orbison



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1987 L69 305 cubic inch Chevrolet V8 (standard bore)
stock pistons, 9.5:1 compression
no emissions

Cylinder Heads:

stock cast iron; stock valves; stock valve springs


stock aluminum intake; stock L69 Quadrajet (17087129) [stock primary metering; stock secondary metering]


stock fuel tank (GM306A)


stock distributor; stock coil; stock sparkplug wires; stock ECM; ZZ4 PROM (GM 24502456)


stock exhaust manifolds; stock L69 catalytic converter; stock after-cat y-pipe; dual Flowmaster® 42043 2-inch
3-chamber mufflers; stock tail pipes


stock Chevrolet L69; stock lifters; stock pushrods; stock rocker arms




2000 Richmond Gear ROD 6 speed; street gears;
ratios 3.01, 1.88, 1.46, 1.18, 1.00, 0.62


153-tooth Chevrolet, 15-lb, nodular (GM 14088646)

Clutch/Pressure Plate:

Zoom 10.5-inch organic clutch disc and pressure plate for 1992 V8 F body (MU56-1); tall release bearing; roller pilot bearing (GM 14061685)


stock H-pattern Long shifter with reverse lockout; shifter comes with the Richmond Gear ROD 6 speed; Hurst shifter boot (1144580)

Clutch/Brake Pedals:

1992 F body pedals and pedal bracket; upper pushrod pedal attachment was lowered ¼ inch; additional mounting tabs welded to F body pedal bracket to match G body firewall

Clutch Linkage:

1992 F body hydraulic hydraulic master/slave cylinder assembly (GM 12527718)


Lakewood Industries bellhousing for 1984-1992 F body (15020); 1984-1992 V8 F body clutch fork (GM 14075725)


G-Force Performance modified one of their T-56 crossmembers (RCT56) by lowering the transmission mounting pad; Energy Suspension urethane transmission mount (3.1108); catalytic converter support bracket eliminated


1988 Monte Carlo SS; TH-400 front yoke

Rear Axle:

1986 Buick Regal 8.5-inch ring gear; limited slip; 3.42:1

Front Suspension:

1988 Cadillac B body spindles; Global West Suspension Systems tubular upper control arm kit (CNR-88-C; includes tubular upper control arms and Del-A-Lum bushings for stock lower control arms); Eibach drop springs (3803.140; includes front/rear springs); Bilstein shock absorbers (B36-0949); stock F41 32-mm sway bar

Rear Suspension:

Global West Suspension Systems tubular lower control arms (TBC-8; includes Del-A-Lum rear bushings and spherical bearing front bushings); Eibach drop springs (3803.140; includes front/rear springs); Bilstein shock absorbers (B46-0929); no rear sway bar

Front Brakes:

1992 F body 12-inch 1LE rotors (GM 18016035); 1988 Cadillac B-body calipers; Performance Friction Z-rated brake pads (052Z)

Rear Brakes:

9.5-inch aluminum drum; 78-inch wheel cylinders (AutoZone 33891, for S-10 truck)

Master Cylinder:

1988 9C1 B body aluminum; 1-inch bore

Brake Booster:

stock 1987 Monte Carlo SS (dual diaphragm)


ROH Snypers 16 × 8; 0-inch offset


BFGoodrich Comp T/A; H-rated; 255/50/16

Best e.t.:

15.9 @ 87 mph  "Yeah its slow in a straight line, but that will change soon."


~3400 lbs without driver (full tank of fuel)


Originally Released 16 November 2002

updated 17 March 2010