1986 Monte Carlo SS - 305/T56


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Robert E. Morris



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1986 L69 305 cubic inch Chevrolet V8 (standard bore)
stock pistons; 9.5:1 compression
all emissions controls intact

Cylinder Heads:

stock cast iron; stock valves; stock valve springs


stock aluminum intake; Quadrajet (17887130), [stock primary metering: 76 large-window jets, 0.053/0.026 primary rods; 
DA secondary metering rods; K hanger]


stock fuel tank (GM306A)


stock distributor; stock coil; stock sparkplug wires; 1987 CCC ECM (GM 1228079); 1987 Monte Carlo SS PROM


Edelbrock T.E.S.® (6879), Jet-Hot® coated; Random Technology catalytic converter (903006); Applied Technologies & Research, Inc. 2½-inch stainless steel system (HP116D; includes after-cat y-pipe, Pit Bull stainless steel mufflers, and Grand National style tail pipes)


stock Chevrolet L69; stock lifters; stock pushrods; stock rocker arms




Tremec after-market T56 (1386-000-011), transmission tunnel clearanced for top tailhousing bolts, inspection plate, and reverse lockout; adapter plate redrilled by Liberty's High-Performance Products, Inc. [6390 Pelham Road; Taylor, MI 48180-1356; 313 278-4040] for upright mount on standard Chevrolet bellhousing;
ratios: 2.97, 2.07, 1.43, 1.0, 0.80, 0.62; driven gear sleeve (GM 345215); 7-tooth drive gear (GM 14071731); 21-tooth driven gear (GM 3987921); reverse lamp switch plug pigtail (GM 12085485); reverse lockout plug pigtail (GM 12101857); reverse lockout switch located on console trim plate


153-tooth Chevrolet, lightweight (GM 14088646)

Clutch/Pressure Plate:

Centerforce 10¾-inch Dual Friction disc and pressure plate set (DF161911); requires 3/8-16 × 1-inch [½-inch hex head] pressure plate bolts for disc clearance; Delco release bearing (GM 15680264); Delco roller pilot bearing (GM 14061685)


Pro 5.0 shifter A/F T56 (2003 Cobra); Pro 5.0 T56 handle for A/F T56 [owner modified: threaded end of handle removed and replaced with fabricated stub shaft machined for keyway and 14 × 1.25 thread]; Corvette C5 knob (GM 12559931), key (GM 10150014), and 6-speed shift pattern insert (GM 12551771); C5 leather upper shifter boot (GM 10326158), 1993-2002 F body lower shifter boot (GM 10267518)

Clutch/Brake Pedals:

1978-1981 GM A body

Clutch Linkage:

1978-1981 GM A body mechanical enhanced with Speed Direct spherical rod-end upper/lower pushrods (CMP7130)


1978-1981 GM A body bellhousing (casting 462606, 606 cast onto inside of fork ballstud boss) and fork (GM 14007356); fork boot (GM 14007355); owner-modified two-piece rear main seal dust shield (GM 354497) to fit one-piece rear main seal application


1986 200-4R Monte Carlo (GM 14063883); owner-modified transmission mounting pad: shortened ¼ inch, turned upside down, and rewelded/gussetted to obtain 138-inch drop to maintain the correct driveshaft angle; Energy Suspension urethane transmission mount (3.1108); catalytic converter support bracket eliminated


Denny's Driveshaft heavy duty 3.5-inch, aluminum; 1350 series universal joints

Rear Axle:

1987 Oldsmobile 8½-inch ring gear; Eaton limited slip; 3.73:1; LPW main cap girdle with ARP bolts; axle tubes welded to centersection; Spicer 1350 series pinion yoke

Front Suspension:

1987 B body police car spindles; Global West Suspension Systems tubular upper control arm kit (CNR-88-C; includes tubular upper control arms and Del-A-Lum bushings for stock lower control arms); Global West Suspension Systems 640-lb/inch springs (S-69); Koni shock absorbers (8040-1092); ADDCO 118-inch sway bar (898); XH steering box with power steering pump modifications

Rear Suspension:

Global West Suspension Systems lower control arms (TBC-2; includes Del-A-Lum rear bushings and spherical bearing front bushings); stock upper control arms with 1LE bushings (GM 10164152); Global West Suspension Systems 125-lb/inch springs (S-16); Koni shock absorbers (8040-1093); 1978 A body straight 20-mm sway bar

Front Brakes:

Power Stop cross-drilled 1LE specification rotors (AR 9003L[left]/AR 9003R[right]); 1987 B body calipers, Praise Dyno Brakes Stage III pads (PD-52QS); Russell Performance Products, Inc. hoses (9210)

Rear Brakes:

9.5-inch aluminum drum; Raybestos 78-inch wheel cylinders (JWC37644); Praise Dyno Brakes Stage I linings (514) and spring kit (PH-7068); Classic Tube stainless steel brake lines

Master Cylinder:

Raybestos B body (JMC39328); 1⅛-inch bore

Brake Booster:

1987 B body (dual diaphragm), code DP


Classic Industries reproduction front GTA, 16 × 8, 0-inch offset; center pieces machined to accept emblems from 1986 SS wheels


BFGoodrich Comp/TA VR4 245/50/16

Best e.t.:

15.03 @ 92.25; 60 feet @ 2.238


3580 lbs without driver (full tank of fuel)


Originally Released 13 December 2002

updated 26 August 2007